Saparya Mural Paintings

Looking for wall decor ideas to refresh your space? Those empty walls are filled with possibilities—and a few additions can beautify your home, office and shops interiors

We offer paintings that beautifully depict religious and mythological stories exactly like that of the ancient temple art.

We create quality Kerala mural paintings that suit best for your walls, keeping the traditional elements high.


About Artist

Subi Suresh (Born in 1995) is an Indian artist who specialized in Kerala Mural Paintings. She became  interested in drawings  and paintings during her childhood and this became her passion during  her college days. She loves indian traditional and cultural arts. 

When she went to  visit the guruvayur temple, the temple walls began to capture her attention as it was filled with mural paintings. The alignments of its lines made her curious to learn more about it. She got a job shortly after studing civil engineering. It was then that she realised how much mural painting influenced her. Then she quit her job and moved into the world of mural painting. 

In fact, there are many of her paintings are sold out through out the world. In 2019,  she was awarded with the  Malayala puraskaram 1195 , for her contribution in the field of mural painting.